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Today FM Quiz - Week 8 - Answers

All the answers for Week 8 (2020 Special) below: Round 1 Ireland - Keeping her Country Quest...
Alison Healy
Alison Healy

8:03 PM - 30 Dec 2020

Today FM Quiz - Week 8 - Answe...

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Today FM Quiz - Week 8 - Answers

Alison Healy
Alison Healy

8:03 PM - 30 Dec 2020

All the answers for Week 8 (2020 Special) below:

Round 1 Ireland - Keeping her Country
Question 1 Name the actor who played Marianne in Sally Rooney's smash hit 'Normal People'?
Lily Cole // Daisy Edgar-Jones* // Laura Button-Piper // Lily Collins
Question 2 Who was the only Irish artist to feature in Ireland's most listened to Top 5 on Spotify in 2020?

Hozier // Kodaline // Philomena Begley // Dermot Kennedy*

Question 3 On what date did Leo Varadkar announce Ireland's first lockdown?

29th February // 1st March // 12th March // 16th March

Question 4 What type of sweet bread became a trend for baking in 2020?

{Banana Bread}
Question 5 Ste Brown AKA The Brown Lad went viral with the release of his music video. But what was the song about?

- Noggin' - an ode to his beloved Sallynoggin*
- Rasher Sambo - a love song to his favourite grub
- Sloggins - a rap breakdown of his favourite football game
- My Mate Karl - bromance inspired tale for his best mate
Question 6 What is the name of Ireland's first ever TikTok House? (all real TikTok house names)

Wave House // Hype House // GOAT House* // The House Nobody Asked For
Question 7 In the 2020 Irish General Election, which political party won the second most seats (37), was it:

The Green Party // Sinn Féin* // Fine Gael // Fianna Fáil

Question 8 How many competitive games did the Ireland football team win in 2020?
Question 9 A film released in 2020 starring Jamie Dornan & Emily Blunt was widely criticised for the poor Irish accents - what was the name of the film?

Wild Mountain RangeWild Mountain Thyme*Wild Mountain DewWild Mountain Rhyme
Question 10 How many guests were reported to have attended the infamous #GolfGate event in August?

24 // 53 // 81* // 111

Round 2 2020 Vision - General Knowledge
Question 11 *GUEST Q -  FERGAL* 

What is the name of Dua Lipa’s 2020 chart-topping album?

Retro Nation // Future Sex Love Sounds // Vintage Trouble // Future Nostalgia*

Question 12 Name the celebrity who vomited during the first episode of I'm A Celebrity Get Me Out of Here in 2020?

Vernon Kay // Mo Farah // Jordan North* // Shane Richie

Question 13 *GUEST Q -  MATT*

Donald Trump “wowed” the world back in July when he recited back a 5-word phrase in an interview to showcase his superior cognitive abilities.Can you finish the phrase: "Person, Woman, Man, Camera, BLANK" {TV}
Question 14 What did Elon Musk and Grimes name their child?

E = mc2 //  X Æ A-12* // Smelly Musk // kk wb hun xoxox

Question 15 *GUEST Q -  IAN* 

Which singer made their first television appearance in almost 4 years when they hosted the US TV show ‘Saturday Night Live’ in October?


Question 16 Where were the 2020 Olympics supposed to be held?

BeijinG // Tokyo* // Sydney // Dubai

Question 17 *GUEST Q -  MAIREAD* 

Which film won Best Picture at the Oscars 2020?

The Joker // 1917 // Parasite* // The Irishman

Question 18 What does WHO stand for?
  • Well Healthy Otters
  • World Health Organisation*
  • Worldwide Hefty Oranges
Question 19 *GUEST Q -  ED*

Can you name the Prime Minister of New Zealand?Jacinda Ardern
Question 20 *GUEST Q -  PAMELA* 

Who were the two female singers who performed at the 2020 Superbowl together?

(Shakira, J-Lo)

Round 3 New Year's Resolution - Visual

In this round, you’ll see photos of famous celebrities, you just need to name them. But it’s not that easy, we’ve pixelated their faces.

Question 21 Name the celeb:                                                           (Noel Fielding)
Question 22 Name the celeb:                                                               (Billie Eilish)
Question 23 Name the celeb:                                                                (Tom Hanks)
Question 24 Name the celeb:                                                     (Cristiano Ronaldo)
Question 25 Name the celeb:                                                           (Kamala Harris)
Round 4 Christmas Cracker

A couple of years ago, we recreated famous Christmas song videos. We’re going to show you small video clips, without sound, of the videos. You need to guess the song (only) that we are remaking!

Question 26 Last Christmas - Wham
Question 27 The Power of Love - Frankie Goes To Hollywood
Question 28 Christmas In Hollis - RUN DMC
Question 29 Fairytale of New York - The Pogues and Kirsty McCaul
Question 30 Driving Home for Christmas - Chirs Rea
Question 31 Merry Christmas Everyone - Shakin' Stevens 
Question 32 All I Want For Christmas Is You - Mariah Carey
Question 33 Do they Know it's Christmas ~ Band Aid 1984
Question 34 Stay Another Day - East 17
Question 35 Merry Xmas Everybody - Slade
Round 5 Ringing In The New Years - Audio Round
Question 36 Dua Lipa - Fergal
Question 37 Hozier - IDBS
Question 38 Juren Klopp - LW
Question 39 Kylie Minogue - Mairead // filling in for IDBS
Question 40 Boib Geldof
Question 41 Colm Meaney
Question 42 Damien Dempsey
Question 43 Lewis Capaldi
Question 44 Niall Horan - D&D
Question 45 Olly Murs -


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