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What Road Do You HATE Driving On?

There's always one road, one roundabout, one junction that makes the knuckles white and brings on a...
Eimear Shannon
Eimear Shannon

10:42 AM - 20 Jan 2022

What Road Do You HATE Driving...

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What Road Do You HATE Driving On?

Eimear Shannon
Eimear Shannon

10:42 AM - 20 Jan 2022

There's always one road, one roundabout, one junction that makes the knuckles white and brings on a serious case of the sweats.

What Road Do You HATE Driving On?

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For Paul Bonass, there is only one road that really gets to him.

But for Dermot and Dave listeners, there are roads all around the country that fill us all with dread and have us looking for re-routing options on Google Maps.

Here's just some of them from our listeners!

I hate the Artane Roundabout , I don't know what it is it just makes me nervous. Theresa

Loughlinstown Roundabout between 7.30 to 9 in the morning. Patricia

Ashtown Gate at Phoenix Park, meeting Blackhorse avenue and Castleknock road joining the N3. No roundabout, no lights, nothing other than driver courtesy. Takes forever, everyone inching forward, needs a lot of confidence and lots of waving and smiling.

The road to Dogs Bay in Connemara, once watched a German couple having to reverse back up the boreen in a massive camper van. Felt so sorry for them!

Kinsale road roundabout is in Cork! It’s at the other end of the south link from the Dunkettle! Lived in Cork for a few years as a Dubliner and can confirm the Walkinstown roundabout is worse because of the aggressiveness of people on it! Anita

There's a road from I think Skelling hotel over a mountain to the chocolate factory, scare the bee Jesus out of ya

The Conor pass in Kerry lads, just as beautiful as it is dangerous

Lads, try the roundabouts at the church in Portlaoise. Two painted on roundabouts within 20  meters of each other. It's impossible to get through Portlaoise without hitting a roundabout. Adrian

Has to be the road to Keem beach... My nerves. With its randomly placed sheep. 😱

The road to Mount Leister from Bunclody. Don’t look down 😧

Local Road in Roscommon. Called the well as the twists & turns you are on a steep incline as well just to add to the terror!!!

The car park at Dundrum Town Centre. Above ground or below. Both are hellish and all spaces are at least a foot too narrow. In a sweat thinking about it.

I drive a 55 seater coach. Road from Ennistymon to cliffs of Moher still scares me. Michael

My fear is the Red Cow, am I going north or south on the m50? Doesn’t matter how many times I’m in it

Lads, Mamore gap in Donegal is easily the most dangerous road in Ireland..

The Captain Hill in Leixlip used to asked my mother when she would be driving up the hill what would happen if she conked out on the hill(my mother was a nervous driver ) from Jean in Clondalkin

Hi Dermot and Dave the road I hate the most is the road from Glendalough to the Wicklow gap frightens the hell out of me I always think I'm going to fall off the edge 😂😂 thanks Ciaran in Kildare town

The M4 junction exit to M50/airport exit is the worst man made structure planning I have ever come across in my life, driver has a split second to determine where you will go airport, town, central reservation or M50 south …

Trying to get onto the N7 from the M50 in the rain towing a caravan with extendable mirrors that aren’t that great to see out off. Into the fast lane of the N7. Heart in mouth stuff, Brian in Longford

There’s a road in Donegal called Granny and the side of it drops off severely so when we were wee my mother was so terrified going up “Granny” that she would lean over on top of daddy while he was driving. 🤣🤣🤣. Wendy in Donegal

Got on the red cow in 2016 and I’m still going around - not sure Bray exists anymore

Lads the Kinsale Road roundabout in Cork also known as the "Magic Roundabout" has lanes that cross over each other on the roundabout. You drive on it and just hope for the best. Get your granny to say a prayer before you get on it 😆

The new bridge over the new Ross bypass is like driving on rainbow road from Mario kart - Aaron



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