Robin #THICKE versus Daft Punk

  The Best of what the 21st century has to offer? The top of the US Billboard Hot 100 sees Robin #TH...

10:39 AM - 10 Jul 2013

Robin #THICKE versus Daft Punk...


Robin #THICKE versus Daft Punk


10:39 AM - 10 Jul 2013


The Best of what the 21st century has to offer?

The top of the US Billboard Hot 100 sees Robin #THICKE holding fast for his 5th week with "Blurred Lines" - keeping Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" in position 2. Both records feature uber-talent Pharrell Williams. 

In the #THICKE of it

Smooth melodies over an infectious bass hook slide across the buzzing bossanova cowbells of an oversexualised "Coke" style video with a cheeky sense of humour. Sounds good? It is good. Take the classic Prince formula "Kiss", a little Marvin Gaye funk and update with tongue-in-cheek fun and half-naked girls.



PUNKs not Dead

Musically it's a more sophisticated cut than Daft Punk's disco infused "Get Lucky" - a retro throwback to supergroups like Chic and Kool and the Gang - featuring original Chic guitar genius Nile Rodgers.

The mysterious French duo put together a slick, face-melting almost avant-garde video - but it has been no match for the viral quality of the budget booty from #THICKE and crew.



Explicit video

Paying beautiful models to appear in a music video is a time tested strategy - launching an uncensored topless edit is even smarter - certainly daring - this version cranked 1,000,000 views before it was "banned" by YouTube. "Blurred Lines'" has spawned thousands of parodies.

The squarest company in the world Radio Shack recreated the video to promote their Beats Pill wireless speakers and Daft Punk's "Get Lucky" has also cashed in with DUREX launching a new range of "Get Lucky" condoms. Do they really work?

Trivialised sexual Violence?

Robin #THICKE has responded to criticism that "Blurred Lines" trivialises sexual violence; it was the Director, Diane Martel's idea to film an explicit video and apparently Robin's wife suggested an upload to YouTube. Maybe…the obligatory misogynistic third verse rap from T.I. paints an altogether more risque XXX picture.

What rhymes with hug me? It is an unapologetically suggestive confection.

He treats objects like Women!

That aside the video also features other distractions: feet, a goat, a dog, an icecream, a mask, smoking, hairbrushing, giant dice, toy ferraris and, a bottle of Cognac? No! Not real French Cognac but Remy V white spirit, launched for the incognoscenti of the San Francisco Bay area who couldn't tell the difference between cognac and condoms.

Oh, the irony of it all. The loaded innunendo, the goat! 


Is it naughty? Is it groovy? Is it serious? Is it filthy?

Maybe. This is what blurred lines is all about. It might be trite, but that doesn't mean it isn't smart and blurry. 

If you haven't been thoroughly offended by Robin's video his album is available this week - July 12.

The latest Daft Punk album Random Access Memories is already out there - it has been described as "mind blowing". 

Check out MattyBraps - a ten year old You Tube cover artist - is that cute, or just creepy?



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