GPA tell county board chairs Proposal B will bring financial relief

The Gaelic Players Association (GPA) has told each county chair that Proposal B at this month's Spec...

GPA tell county board chairs P...


GPA tell county board chairs Proposal B will bring financial relief

The Gaelic Players Association (GPA) has told each county chair that Proposal B at this month's Special Congress will bring financial respite. 

The inter-county players body has written to each county board ahead of the vote that will determine the structure of the All Ireland Football Championship.

Last week saw the GPA give their public backing to Proposal B, which would see the championship played in a league format.

They've taken the unprecedented step of addressing county boards' concerns ahead of the October 23 vote.

In a wide-ranging letter, the GPA touch on the potential financial benefits of Proposal B, along with the fairness towards players and the development of counties.

Earlier this month, Ulster GAA secretary Brian McAvoy voiced his concerns over the players' preferred format, claiming it would have a malign impact on the association's finances.

In their letter to county board chairs, the GPA say, "To those of you concerned about the financial implications of backing Proposal B, we would ask you to seek answers from the powers that be in Croke Park.

"To us, it makes sense that with significantly more championship games, there will be significantly more money for distribution to counties.

"Projections developed by Fixture Calendar Review Taskforce member Conor O’Donoghue estimate an additional €10 million revenue through the Proposal B structure, including approximately €2.2 million extra to provinces.

"All additional funds are ultimately distributed to counties. Given the financial issues that Covid has wrought, this will bring welcome financial relief to county board officers."

Offaly chairman Michael Duignan says his county will be voting for Proposal B.

He told OTB Sports, "Nobody wants to see the continuation of some the hammerings that have been handed out in the last number of years.

"If you want these players to keep playing inter-county football, and put in that time and effort, then you need to take their views very, very seriously. Maybe players won't put up with the status quo."

The GPA has previously stated that - as they see it - the status quo is not an option.

A 60 per cent majority of delegates need to vote in favour of a proposal at Croke Park to see the motion passed.

Addressing reservations over provincial competitions being downgraded, the GPA letter says, "We would ask you to consider if this proposal does more damage than the consistent mis-matches we have seen in the provincial competition in recent years?

"We would also ask you to consider how the provincial championships can now be reinvigorated as a stand-alone round robin competition at a time of the year when supporters will have starved of inter-county games for over six months."

Highlighting that the proposals are merely the product of the GAA's own Fixtures Review Taskforce, their letter states, "To disregard their work and discard the momentum and need for change would have a significant impact on the morale & development of players and Gaelic football."

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