*runs out and buys immediately

This time next year we're all going to be millionaires!

According to a mysterious psychic, who lives in the north side of Dublin, Ethereum is going to be the next big thing in crypto currency.

The psychic, who wishes to remain anonymous has made some pretty wild predictions for 2018, including: 

  • Get your wellies on, it’s going to be a very wet year in Ireland.
  • An Irish celebrity will die, making big news
  • The Irish presidential election is going to be the “most boring ever”
  • Ireland will see some minor seismic action.

The psychic, who works in the Irish stock market, also claims Trump’s health will be in the spotlight adding the President will also be more careful on Twitter.

George Clooney will also 'announce his political interests.'

While in celeb world: 

  • A lot of well known people will die suddenly
  • Hollywood will have a problem with movie funding, risking total collapse in 2018.
  • A very well known person will have a shock gender change, leading to endless debate about transgender issues.
  • Prince William and Catherine will have a boy.
  • Kimye will have a trial separation or a split. 

Last year, the psychic successfully predicted a number of events, including:

  • Kate Middleton’s third pregnancy
  • Hugh Hefner would be in the news
  • News about JFK would flood the media
  • Prince Harry will finally settle down
  • Apple would have trouble with its Irish operation
  • The rise of the Bitcoin