Ferg asked his listeners to describe the weirdest ting they've ever eaten...he wishes he hadn't!

So apparently cockroach milk is all the rage. Nope!

Anyways Ferg asked his listeners to reveal the weird food they've eaten and well...you may need a sick bucket handy.


'Hi ferg, I've had pigs brains in Tunisia and shark fin soup in Berlin. Both very tasty. Shaunna'

'When I was in Australia we went on a tour to Ayers Rock & ended up sampling some kangaroo meat and some came. Poor old Skippy didn't know what hit him ! From Paul in cork '


'I tried Guinea Pig in Peru. It was the most expensive dish on the menu so I said I'd treat myself to a local delicacy. Was still dirt cheap but it came out in its fully dead body. Nothing left to the imagination. It was very fatty and I just couldn't look at it and eat it. I felt like an animal cannibal! Thomas in Galway '

'YO!  Fergal and Ed. I've eaten frogs feet chicken feet pigs feet and ducks feet and if snails had feet I could say I've ate them! By the way how's your own this weather must be killing them did you try the baking soda and vinegar mix??

I once heard of a philosophy

If it can walk swim or fly it can be eaten.. what do you lads reckon??? REGARDS DEKKO' 

Lads I ate dog meat in Vietnam a good few years ago... it was like a strong flavored but more stringy steak....we also had those deep fried crickets and snake/snake blood at some weird festival.... Tom in Carlow


Hi Ferg... Drank ducks blood in Laos! Was mixed with crushed peanuts!!! (I dunno why!!) It was kinda gelatinous... just that ‘iron’ee’ taste! Can’t understand how I drank that n then wouldn’t eat wasp larvae??? Not like I can say I’m a fussy eater?!?!?

Love da show!! Tina


Ferg, I ate Khash when I was in Iraq... It’s made of head, feet, stomach... whatever they can find and is like a horrific stew to poison / torture people.



I was Alaska whilst on tour in the USA and I had ‘stinkheads’... it’s king salmon heads, buried underground, and eaten as a rank smelling pasty mush... once you can get over the smell they’re lovely.


Hi fergal when I was in China we tried bullfrog. We were the only white people there and the waitresses were laughing when they brought it down. It actually turned out to be really tasty. Feeling bold I thought I'd try anything after that. The next day we were in a street. I fast changed my mind when there were seahorse and scorpions still wriggling on the sticks. My brother braver than I tried them. He said they were horrible πŸ˜ƒ


Hi, was in Cambodia last year and they served us deep fried tarantula!! Very crispy! I hate spiders too. Jack from Derry

They also had an alcoholic drink made from fermented tarantulas 😣


Ferg in my younger years I took part in a bush tucker trial at the going scientist to impress a lad πŸ˜‚πŸ˜‚ anyways had go eat a live locust it was gross it's wings were stuck in my teeth needless to say the fella was not impressed!

Ok that's quite enough. We're off to eat mash potatoes.