It's a hot favourite among take away experts.

Last night, at the Just Eat National Takeaway Awards, the best takeaway restaurants in the country were revealed.

You can read all about where to pick up the best grub here.

However one of the biggest revelations from last night was that Ireland's favourite take away dish is the Spice Bag.

While I understand the mass appeal of deep fried carbohydrates covered in spices, accompanied by crispy chicken and a delicious dipping sauce, I also feel as though the spice bag is a more modern dish, particularly found in urban areas. Is there anything to be said for the humble 3 in 1? Or what about ole reliable fish and chips? The Early Breakfast listeners provided some well rounded opinions on the matter:

Pamela I’m from Cork and never had a spice  bag either. Never saw them on menu in chipper either. Ger

Hi Pamela. A spice bag is up there with Michelin star cuisine. Outside of Dublin they call it a munchy box!! A full pizza box of spiced up chips, ribs, chicken and mini spring rolls. Aaron

Spice bags are massively over rated. Id take a 3 in 1 over a spice bag any day. John

Hi Pamela, never seen a spice bag. Derek in cork

Sounds like a lazy poll completed in Dublin only! No way is a spice bag more popular than 3 in 1 

Hi Pamela. You're dead right, talk away bout food its always a good time to talk food. Like I tell lads at work, your stomach can't read the time that's your brain's job, so eat on! From Keith, trucking to Dublin.

Good morning Pamela, having been living abroad for the past 15 years I've never seen a spice bag and don't even know what a 3in1 is and I've visited home every year. Jeff

4 in 1 or quarter crispy duck with chips and soft noodles and extra pancakes. James and Lou in Newbridge

Can’t beat real chips with fresh cod and loads of salt and vinegar !!!Aaron

Hi Pamela. Burdocks Smoked Cod & Chips. Nothing better! Des in Rush.

Morning Pam,I’m with you. Never had a spice bag. I love a hot Indian curry, the kind you end up lighter at the end of the meal as you have melted. JB

Finally, I would like to apologise to those who were craving takeaway before 7am this morning.