Tea Bags And Toilet Roll Caused Quite A Debate

There appear to be many a metaphorical hill us Irish would consider dying on. 

Claire Beck, stepping in for Muireann today, can't stand when dead celebrities "go on tour," Lenny thinks walking on escalators should be banned "because it's already moving!!" 

We all have our pet peeves or things that irk us, that we're willing to fight for at all costs.

Today FM listeners shared some with us and there were some common themes throughout.

Toilet Roll

"Toilet roll should always hang over on front of roll not to the rear."

"Leaving the toilet roll with a tiny bit on it that looks like it has more left."


Tea Bags

"The teabag-Stirring hill, or should I say Tae-bag hill. Stir your bags and stop drinking water."

"A tea bag should be stirred and not squeezed."



"My phone number is zero eight six etc. O is a letter people."

"That scones are called scones and not scons, simple as."

"Sorry but it is scone, you say phone not phon."



Some of our other favourites included:

"Oasis vs Blur.......It has to be Oasis."

"Dinner is not called dinner if you don't have spuds." 

"Socks to bed is a no no."

"Coke has to come out of a glass bottle."

What's your hill you'd be willing to die on?