Part of the money will be spent on building 10,000 new social homes

Housing programmes will benefit from a total package of €2.3 billion next year.


€1.25 billion of that money aims to deliver 10,000 new social homes over the course of 2019.

Meanwhile, an extra €121 million will go towards the Housing Assistance Payment. Minister Paschal Donohoe says that will provide for 16,760 tenancies next year.

A €100 million affordable housing fund is being established to help local authorities deliver cheaper housing, this will increase to €310 million over three years.

This will be eligible for people on €50,000 euro a year for single person or couples with a combined income of €75,000.

This could knock up to €50,000 off the price of a house.

Elsewhere, there will be a €60 million increase in capital funding to fund emergency accommodation.

A further €30 million will be spent on homelessness services.