The results of a major health survey are in

A major health survey has recorded a significant drop in the number of smokers in Ireland.

The Healthy Ireland Survey 2018 says 80 thousand people have quit in the three years since the last study.

This Department of Health survey was conducted by Ipsos MRBI, and talked to over 7,500 people aged 15 and over.

It found smoking rates are down from 23 per cent in 2015 to 20 per cent. In the last 12 months 40% of smokers have made an attempt to quit.

Alcohol consumption figures show 37% of the population regularly binge drink - that's consuming six or more standard units on one occasion.

43 per cent of Drinkers from more disadvantaged areas said they binge drink compared to 33 per cent from more affluent areas.

The figures are part of a trend where health indicators in poorer areas are much worse than in better off neighbourhoods.

A third of people in more deprived areas reported long term health issues, compared to less than a quarter in higher income areas.