A number of suggested changes are from the pro-life TD lobby

Marathon debates on the new abortion legislation begin today at the Oireachtas Health Committee.

It's a chance for TDs to bring amendments to the proposed new laws.

Almost 200 amendments have been put forward by lawmakers to Simon Harris's proposed legislation.

The suggested changes are to be debated at three marathon sittings of the Oireachtas Health Committee over the next few days.

They include a number from the pro-life TD lobby.

A group of 8 TDs has called for it to be put into law that a woman seeking an abortion should be offered an ultrasound image of the foetus or to listen to its heartbeat.

They also say the remains of any aborted foetus should be buried or cremated after the procedure.

The group has also sought for abortions to be banned if they are sought because of the sex or race of the baby, or if there is a disability involved.

Independent TD Carol Nolan has an amendment calling for no public money to be used to roll out abortion services.

Minister Harris is bringing a change himself to allow a review of the legislation within 5 years to see how it has operated and if any issues have arisen.

Very few of the other proposed amendments are likely to be accepted by the Minister.

The hearings start this morning and will run throughout the week.