The Dublin SPCA is warning this is not an isolated case

A puppy's at the centre of an animal cruelty case in Dublin.

2 men were seen acting suspiciously at the side of a green area in a housing estate in Clondalkin at around 2.30pm on Wednesday.

Local people heard the puppy making a terrible noise - it's tail was being cut with a very sharp blade.

The men abandoned the puppy when they were disturbed and sped away in a nearby car.

The Puppy was brought straight to a vet and was then collected by the DSPCA. 

Upon close examination the puppy, which is about 12 weeks old and a terrier cross, was found to have a deep incision half way down its tail. 

The DSPCA's Gillian Bird says the puppy named 'Pickle' has had to have her tail amputated due to their botched efforts.

She believes the injuries were caused by a sharp blade like a stanley knife.

The DSPCA says this is not the first cast of 'DIY' tail amputation they've seen, there was another case recently of a puppy with a tail and ear docking.

The animal welfare organisation is calling on anyone who may have witnessed the incident to email them or contact their local Garda Station.