The charity believes the snake is an escaped pet

The ISPCA has rescued a corn snake named Albert in South Tipperary.

The animal welfare group said corn snakes are “are great escape artists” leading them to believe he may be somebody’s lost pet.

Albert is in quarantine at the moment so the group can monitor for diseases and help reduce his stress levels.

ISPCA chief inspector Conor Dowling said corn snakes are one of the easiest reptiles to keep as pets but “even they require very specialised housing, feeding and care.”

“The ISPCA would like to see stricter controls over the sale and keeping of exotic species including a ‘positive list’ of species which are permitted to be bred, sold and kept as pets,” he said.

He said the list should be “based on their welfare needs and whether they pose a risk to human health or the environment if they escape or are deliberately released.”

The ISPCA is calling on snake owners to “do your research and ensure the animal is being kept in the proper conditions.”

You should also check your pet’s enclosure to prevent escape and ensure they are safe.