A small group of pro-life demonstrators have gathered outside Our Lady of Lourdes Hospital in Drogheda Co. Louth.

Demonstrators are holding signs with phrases such as "Warning: killing in progress", "Let him be born" and "Let her be born" printed on them. 

It follows unconfirmed reports that a termination was due to be carried out there today.

Professor Kinsella's tweet has since been condemned by the HSE’s clinical advisor on the introduction of abortion services Dr Peter Boylan.

Dr Boylan says "It's completely inappropriate for someone who knows absolutely nothing about medical practice to say something like that in the public domain."

"They just shouldn't do it really, because patient confidentiality is absolutely critical."

The Health Minister also hit out at the online commentary.

Minister Simon Harris said "The idea that people would in my view effectively try and incite harassment of women and of health staff though online discourse is despicable".

"It's offensive and I don't think it's in any way reflective of the way the large majority of people in this country feel. It's an attempt to drag us back to a pre-repeal race, and that's one place we're not being dragged back to".