The baby hare's family was found soon afterwards and brought in from the cold

A baby-hare is recovering well at Dublin airport after staff pulled her from a deep snow drift during Storm Emma.

Airport police uncovered the freezing leveret yesterday afternoon and brought her inside to safety.

Staff heated her up and made sure she had enough food and water.

Named Emma - after Storm Emma - the baby hare's family was found soon afterwards and also taken in out of the cold.

The rescue, which was filmed on a mobile phone and posted by Dublin Airport on their Twitter feed, has been viewed nearly 150,000 times in 20 hours.

Despite their harrowing experience, the animals are said to be recovering well, and will be released back into the wild when they are back to full health and the cold weather has cleared up.

The Government is hoping the country will be back to normal by tomorrow, after it was effectively brought to a standstill by the heavy snow and ice.

Met Éireann has warned that widespread lying snow and ice continuing to lead to hazardous conditions.

The National Emergency Coordination Group has warned that the thaw could lead to some localized flooding.

The DSPCA shelter in Dublin was hit by some of the worst of the snow fall - with staff braving deep snow and blizzard-like conditions to provide care, food and comfort to hundreds of animals on-site.

Animal welfare charities have urged people to look out for both pets and wildlife as the cold snap continues.

People are asked to leave out scraps of food, bowls of clean water and help animals stay out of the harsh weather where possible.

Rabbit owners are asked to bring hutches indoors or into sheds and garages during the freezing weather conditions.