He was speaking about the Good Friday Agreement

Former Taoiseach Bertie Ahern has walked out of an interview with a German broadcaster.

He was speaking with Deutsche Welle (DW) about the 20th anniversary of the Good Friday Agreement.

Interviewer Tim Sebastian then pressed him over whether or not he thinks he cleared his name in relation to the Mahon Tribunal.

In response, Mr Ahern said: "Yes, I did, I'm quite happy I cleared my name."

Mr Sebastian then pointed out that "the tribunal never reversed its decision."

Bertie Ahern is seen during an interview with Deutsche Welle's 'Conflict Zone' | Image: YouTube/DW English

Mr Ahern said: "No I mean, the tribunal gave its views, the tribunal gave its views.

"I gave my evidence and I was very happy with my evidence, and I was very happy with the situation that I gave and the tribunal is over and its reported and that's it."

Mr Sebastian continued to press Mr Ahern on the issue.

Mr Ahern then said: "I've given my total views on that issue and I'm not going to add to them".

"I agreed to meet you on the Good Friday Agreement, we've done that so we're finished, thank you very much."

He then stood up, detached his microphone and left the room.