It could see a simplified two-fare system

A redesigned bus network for Dublin could see a big increase in services.

That's according to the National Transport Authority (NTA), which has published Dublin Area Bus Network Redesign Public Consultation report.

It makes far-reaching proposals that look to bring about improved services for bus passengers in the Dublin metropolitan area - as well as providing a more integrated public transport system.

Under the proposals, the level of bus service will increase by 27% - this includes services on 11 brand-new orbital routes that will operate on a 15-minute frequency or better, in the north, south and west of the network area.

Source: NTA

It suggests that services be arranged along seven cross-city super-frequent spines, a dramatic increase in the numbers of orbital services and an increase in the number of all-day high-frequency services.

Spines for example are designated by the letters A to G, which separate into branches further out from the city.

Source: NTA

Each bus on a spine service would be designated by a letter followed by a digit, for example A1, where the letter indicates the spine, and the digit indicates the specific branch.

It also proposes moving to a "simplified two-fare system".

Proposed fare changes would hope to make interchange between bus, DART and Luas seamless.

On this, the NTA say two Leap fares will be available: a 90-minute fare that will allow a customer any combination of bus, DART and Luas for a journey - and a short-distance fare paid each trip for particularly short journeys.