Charlie Flanagan says the article "undermines today’s goal to achieve real gender equality"

The Government has approved plans to hold a referendum to delete the constitutional reference to a woman’s place in the home.

Critics have long argued that Article 41.2 of the Constitution is outdated and should be repealed.

Justice Minister Charlie Flanagan said: "Over 80 years after the Constitution was formally adopted, it is clear that Article 41.2 has no place in our Constitution. 

"It undermines today’s goal to achieve real gender equality by ensuring women have real choices about what to do with their lives." 

He added: "In fact, while Article 41.2 may reflect the prevailing social ethos of the 1930s, its inclusion in the Constitution was actually controversial from the very beginning."

The vote is due to take place in October alongside a referendum on blasphemy.

A presidential election, if one goes ahead, will also be held on the same day.

The Oireachtas must now approve a referendum bill, before the formation of a referendum commission.