A woman had sued a hotel for damages after she claimed she slipped on a rose petal from the bunch of roses

A High Court case involving the throwing of a wedding bouquet has been settled out of court.

53-year-old Ann White from Highfield Grove in Clonmel in Tipperary had sued the Aherlow House Hotel in Co Tippeary after she allegedly slipped on a rose petal thrown from this wedding bouquet.

She told the High Court at around 12:30am the bride threw her bouquet of pink roses to an enthusiastic crowd of around 20 single women.

One of the girls caught it, she said, but a number of other hands also grabbed it - and it was described as a "serious scrum."

Ms White said that a while later she was dancing and skidded on one of the rose petals from the bouquet.

She said she went down on her back and hit her head and arm on the floor.

The childcare worker claimed she had been unable to work again due to an ongoing pain in her wrist.

She claimed the hotel staff hadn’t gathered up or removed the petals at the 2012 wedding which created a hazard on the dance floor.

The hotel accepted the accident took place but contested Ms White’s claim - saying her ongoing pain is due to a pre-existing condition called fibromyalgia.

The case was expected to resume today, but this afternoon Mr Justice Kevin Cross was told the case had been settled out of court.

The amount of money involved wasn’t disclosed.