She discovered the scandal at the Tuam Mother and Baby Home

The woman who uncovered the scandal of the Tuam Mother and Baby home has turned down an invite to meet the Pope.

Catherine Corless proved there was a mass grave for infants on the site of the Bon Secours home.

She was asked by the the Taoiseach's office if she'd like to attend a civic reception for Pope Francis.

But she's decided not to attend:

"I did question them would there be any chance of having a word with the Pope for the survivors of the Tuam home and the other mother and baby homes and they said no, that nobody would be talking to him so I just felt it was pointless then. So I just thanked them and said I was taking a stand with the babies buried in the sewage tank at Tuam because we're having a vigil at the same time on Sunday that the papal mass is on."