Irish charities owed around 70,000 euro

The Charities Regulator has been examining a list of organisations owed money by Pembroke Dynamic Internet Services - which operated an online fundraising platform used by some of the world's best-known charities.

The High Court heard earlier this week that the firm had received total donations of up to €3.8 million that had yet to be received by charities.

A liquidator told the court that more than 700 charities had been contacted as part of the investigation.

It prompted the Charities Regulator to examine how many organisations registered here in Ireland may have been impacted.

In a statement today, Charities Regulator CEO John Farrelly said: "Their cumulative outstanding balances total around €70,000. However, we believe the actual number of Irish Registered Charities affected will be lower than the 40.

"We are publishing details of our inquiries to date to provide some clarity to the Irish public about the scale of the impact which the issues at Pembroke Dynamic is having on registered Irish charities."

The regulator says it is in contact with the charities potentially affected to confirm the extent of the money owed and number of organisations affected.