Dublin City Councillors have blocked the sale of the Sean McDermott Street Site

Dublin councillors have voted to stop the sale of the last Magdalene Laundry site in Dublin city centre.

The decision was taken at last night’s meeting of Dublin City Council.

Plans were proposed back in 2017 to sell the Sean McDermott Street site to Japanese hotel chain Toyoko.

The Dublin site was the last Magdalene Laundry in Ireland and closed in October 1996.

Social Democrats Councillor Gary Gannon put forward the motion, which was backed by at least 80 per cent of members.

He said it is a major result that will help ensure the women of the Magdalene Laundry are honoured:

“It means that we maintain ownership of that particular site and we can build a memorial and a commemoration centre of real substance to all Irish women who are incarcerated and abused at that location,” he said.

“It means when we build that [memorial] we get to own the site and not outsource it to a private company.

“I think that is vital for our city.”

A report published earlier this week found that a permanent memorial must be included in any redevelopment of the property.

However, the report also claimed the potential sale was a "powerful opportunity and really the chance of a lifetime for the Sean McDermott area."