He says health and safety rules are too strict

Strict health and safety rules are creating a disconnect between children and nature.

That's according to Sir David Attenborough who says if kids don't get out in the natural world, they won't be able to understand it anymore.

Speaking to the Sunday Times, the broadcaster said that young people today are missing the freedom he enjoyed as a boy.

'The interaction between the humans and the natural world has been constrained, and that is a human loss, but ultimately it could be a loss to the natural world because people won't understand it any more'.

Fiona Murdoch from the Irish Girl Guides agrees and says children are naturally curious: 'We do agree that there's probably far too much health and safety regulations put on children going out and about and probably a lot of fear among parents. Whereas children are naturally curious and do want to get out and in Irish Girl Guides we encourage our members and we show them how to enjoy the outdoors responsibly and to appreciate nature'.