€5.8 billion in card transactions every month

Irish people are using debits cards five times more than credit cards, according a new report from the Central Bank.

There are over five million debit cards in circulation in Ireland, although around 685,000 of these cards are inactive.

Almost €6 million was spent on credit and debit cards in June - a 6% increase since last year.

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The figures also show that Irish people are going out more, spending on debit cards in the social sector has risen by 20%, meaning more people are eating out and going to the theatre.

Irish people are also going on more holidays with an increase in card transactions abroad.

Almost €600 million was spent on debit and credit cards outside Ireland between April and June this year - up 16% on the same time last year.

And we're doing more online shopping, with total e-commerce rising to €1.4 billion in the year to June and increase of 13%.