They can make €427 a week, or €22,204 a year

Disabled people will be able to make over €22,000 a year and still keep their benefits, under new rules.

From December 1st, the amount people can earn is increasing from €120 to €427 per week.

This means that the earnings of someone in receipt of Disability Allowance has increased from €6,240 a year to €22,204.

This will apply to the assessment process for both single persons and to family assessments.

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Health Minister Simon Harris said the process will allow people receiving the allowance to have a greater earnings capacity - and still retain their medical card.

It's is one of the key recommendations of the Make Work Pay for Persons with Disabilities report.

Minister of State with special responsibility for disabilities, Finian McGrath, says it's part of a bigger process.

"It's a start, it's a major start - but we have to bring the broader society with us as well.

"We have to change the mindset in the broader society to say that we have a lot of talented people out there, fantastic young people, in relation to IT skills, education skills that have some form of a disability.

"But they want to work, they want to get into the workforce and they want to live their life as normal a way as possible".