Over 12,400 people cycled into the city centre

More than half of all trips into Dublin city every morning are on public transport.

The figures show 107,160 people came into the city centre using one mode of public transport - the largest number recorded since the count began in 1980.

The data, published by Dublin City Council and the National Transport Authority (NTA), is included in the Canal Cordon Report on mode share of people coming into the city centre.

While 12,447 people cycled into the city centre - the highest number ever - with walkers accounting for 25,000 people.

Source: NTA/Dublin City Council

The number of people coming into the city by private car has dropped from almost 65,000 in 2016 to 61,694 in 2017.

This means that the mode share for cars has dropped to under 30% for the first time.

It is now 29.2%, compared to 40% as recently as 2010.

Some 70% of all inbound trips were made by a sustainable mode which includes cycling, walking, taxi and other public transport.