Fernando La Fuente was 'killed' by his team to postpone a match

A former player with Ballybrack Football Club says he's "alive and kicking", despite his club claiming he had died.

The Dublin football club made a false claim that player Fernando La Fuente had died in order to have a match postponed.

The club has said a "gross error of judgement" was made.

Mr LaFuente, who living in Galway, said other clubs started paying tribute to him online and the story began to spread.

He said he was aware they were going to try to have the match postponed - but never realised he was going to be killed off.

"I knew I was going to have an accident - but I thought I was going to break a leg or something or I was going to be in a (simple) accident.

"So they told me 'If you see anything on Twitter, just to let you know we are trying to get this match called off'".

But he said he holds no ill-will towards the team.

"It's serious depending on which side you are... I got an obituary, I was witness of my own death, I got people doing a minute silence - I find it funny, and I'm sorry but no one got harmed here".

"When I moved to Ireland they were the only support I had... and they were really great - they even picked me up in my own home when we went to the matches because I didn't have a car.

"And they've been really good with me - so no bad feelings for them".