But Leo Varadkar is still the most popular leader

A new opinion poll shows support for Leo Varadkar and Fine Gael has fallen.

But the Irish Times / Ipsos MRBI poll also shows some gains for Sinn Féin.

Fine Gael's popularity had been steadily increasing for the last year, particularly under new leader Leo Varadkar.

But this morning's poll suggests an end to that honeymood period with support falling slightly.

It puts Fine Gael as the most popular party in the country at 31 per cent, down three points since January.

Fianna Fáil are up 1 on 26 per cent, while Sinn Féin see a three point bounce to 22 per cent support.

Labour drew 5 per cent support in the poll with 16 points for Independents and others.

Satisfaction with the government was unchanged at 44 per cent in this survey, which was carried out on Monday and Tuesday - before the Communications Minister was left defending himself over whether he gave INM insider information or not.

Leo Varadkar's personal satisfaction rating was down 5 to 55 per cent, but remains higher than any other political leader post-financial crisis.