Some 73,652 Round One Offers have been made

Over 50,000 people have been offered Round One CAO courses this morning.

The Central Applications Office says 73,652 Round One Offers have been made.

These consist of 42,301 Level 8 course offers and 31,351 Level 7/6 course offers.

It's possible that applicants may receive two offers at the same time: one from the Level 8 list and one from the Level 7/6 list.

Applicants have to choose between these lists and can only accept one offer - if they accept both offers, the last recorded acceptance received by the CAO by the reply date is the one that'll be counted.

Applicants can check to see if they have received an offer by logging on to their account using the 'My Application' facility at the CAO website from 6.00am.

Successful applicants will also receive offers through e-mail and text message, if they selected this option on their application form.

Applicants have until August 24th at 5:15pm to accept Round One offers - if they fail to accept by this date their offer will lapse.