Two police officers were among those killed

At least four people have been killed in a shooting in eastern Canada.

The shooting happened in the city of Fredericton, in the province of New Brunswick. 

Two police officers were among those killed, police said.

The officers were named as 45-year-old Robb Costello and 43-year-old Sara Burns.

A man and a woman were also killed, officials confirmed.

A 48-year-old suspect from Fredericton has been taken into custody, and is being treated for 'serious injuries'.

Earlier, locals in Fredericton were urged to stay indoors while police and emergency services responded to the incident.

However, the lockdown has since been lifted, while the scene has been sealed off by investigators.

Prime Minister Justin Trudeau praised the response of first responders, and said the two fallen officers "no doubt saved lives".

He added: “Canadians across the country were shocked to wake up to news of the shooting in Fredericton that left four people dead, including two police officers.

"We mourn with everyone who has lost a friend, colleague, or family member."