The WHO has included it on the International Classification of Diseases

Gaming addiction is now an official disease according to the World Health Organisation.

It’s been included in an updated draft of its International Classification of Diseases which was released today.

The WHO classifies it as an ‘impaired control over gaming which takes precedence over other life interests’.

It's hoped official status could make gamers more willing to seek treatment and encourage more therapists to offer help.

Head of addictions at St John Of God Hospital in Dublin, Professor Colin O'Gara says that people presenting with Gaming Disorder is becoming increasingly common with some sufferers playing computer games for up to 18 hours a day: 'The demographic would usually be young men who are spending long periods of time gaming'.

Professor O'Gara also adds that device development and improved internet access has increased the prevalence of gaming addiction. 'The technology is improving all the time, the availability of high quality internet and the access of these devices has made gaming an increasing problem from our point of view'.