A cultural audit of An Garda Siochana has been carried out

A new report into An Garda Siochana has found that members are afraid to speak up for fear of repercussion.

This is the first time in the history of An Garda Siochana that a cultural audit has been carried out and follows a number of controversies within the force in recent years.

Over 6,500 members responded to the audit conducted by PWC, which found that overall there is a disconnect between senior leadership and members in lower ranks.

Respondents also decribed how they can't speak up for fear of repurcussion or that nothing will come out of their complaint.

But not all of the responses were negative, the report found that Gardai also believe that there is a strong sense of pride and commitment within the force.

However, there were also high levels of scepticism as to whether any action will be taken as a result of the audit

Reacting to the report, Acting Garda Commissioner Dónall O'Cualáin said that it's clear that there is a lot more work to do.