Tens of thousands of passengers have been affected

Police in Britain are working with the army to try and deal with drones that have led to the closure of Gatwick Airport in London.

Only days before Christmas, there has been major disruption at the UK's second busiest airport since last night.

Officials believe an operator is deliberately flying a drone close to the runway to cause disruption.

Thousands of passengers have been stranded or have had to make alternative travel plans.

Flights from Gatwick to and from Ireland are among the hundreds impacted today, with many flights diverted to other airports.

Aviation journalist Gerry Byrne says drones do pose a danger to aviation.

He explained: "This guy is crisscrossing the runway.

"When they go out and try to track the drone or capture it... it disappears. Just as they're about to reopen the airport, it reappears again."