AA Ireland has issued an updated report

The government has taken its eye off the ball when it comes to tackling rising motor insurance costs.

That's according to the AA which claims that drivers are in a worse position now than they were when the insurance crisis first emerged.

It says that despite recent findings that insurance costs have dropped slightly, the average motorist is still paying over 25% more than they were in 2015.

The AA is calling on the government to introduce proper reform and legislation to bring down costs once and for all.

The department of finance published a report to tackle the crisis in 2016, but CEO of AA Ireland Brendan Nevin says no action has been taken since then.

The AA is urging the government to reassess the initial report from the Cost of Insurance Working Group and determine what further actions are needed to improve the existing situation, particularly in 5 key areas outlined in its original 5 Point Plan.

The five areas identified by the AA are as follows:

  • Fraud - Work together to block fraud at every turn                   
  • Legal – Standardise awards and remove the uncertainty
  • Regulatory – Resource up and protect the industry
  • Enforcement – Invest and modernise
  • Industry Transparency – Share the data and learn