Figures from three main maternity hospitals are published in the Irish Independent

More than half of pregnant women here who are told their babies will have Down Sydnrome are opting for an abortion.

The figures are from the country's three main maternity hospitals - Holles Street, The Coombe and The Rotunda  - published in the Irish Independent.

It shows that more than 50 per cent women who avail of a diagnostic test after 12 weeks and are told their child will be born with Down Sydnrome, chose to travel to the UK for a termination.

Former Master at Holles Street Dr Peter Boylan - who's advocating for a yes vote in the referendum - says even if the 8th is repealed, it won't change the situation here because Down Syndrome diagnosis takes place after 12 weeks.

John McGuirk from Save the 8th says the figures are horrifying and he's not convinced that the situation won't change in the future: 'It's 12 weeks today and if the government changes its mind again, there's nothing stopping it from being 16 or 17 weeks, we're giving them that power'.