says house prices are still rising, but the rate of increase is moderating

House price increases are slowing in Dublin - but continuing to rise around the country.

A new report from shows that nationally, prices for newly-listed properties are up 9.5% over the past year, with increases of 8% in the capital.

In the first quarter of this year, prices rose by 4.8% nationally and 3.3% in Dublin.

The median asking price for new sales nationally is €260,000, while in Dublin it’s €345,000.

The report's author - chief economist at Davy, Conall MacCoille - says housing supply is starting to improve slightly.

He said: "Things are getting a little bit better, but still well behind demand.

"If we look at the number of properties listed for sale on the website, it's broadly flat on the year. But actually in Dublin the number of properties listed for sale are up 20%."

He added: "If you look at the number of new developments listed for sale, again they're up 24%. So finally, after years where effectively very few homes were being built, you're beginning to see the new supply of new homes."