The former Taoiseach says Ireland should be proud that we protect the right to life

Former Taoiseach John Bruton says he's in favour of retaining the 8th Amendment.

He claims there'll be no protection for the unborn in the constitution if the 8th is repealed and the Dáil will be able to do what it likes.

He is also warning that people won's stop buying abortion pills online if terminations are legalised.

The public is expected to vote in a referendum on abortion this summer.

We'll be asked if we're in favour of terminations without restriction up to 12 weeks into pregnancy - and afterwards if there's a risk to the mother.

John Bruton says he is firmly against it, 'I believe that when an abortion is taking place, particularly in a  late term abortion, almost certainly that the child will suffer pain in the process of being killed'.