Latest from the Disclosures Tribunal

Five journalists have denied being negatively briefed about Maurice McCabe by the former Garda Press Officer.

Superintendent Dave Taylor’s told the Disclosures Tribunal that Commissioner Martin Callinan told him that Sergeant McCabe raised the penalty point issue, driven by revenge for being investigated for a sexual offence years ago.

Tribunal Chairman Peter Charleton put it to Superintendent Taylor that he couldn’t remember a thing about briefing journalists negatively.

The Tribunal heard that Paul Williams, Paul Reynolds, John Burke, Juno McEnroe and Mick O’Toole have denied being briefed by Supt Taylor.

Five journalists are invoking journalistic privilege meaning they won’t confirm the identity of a source.

Asked repeatedly if he could recall a date or location when he briefed a journalist negatively, Supt Taylor could not do so.

Tribunal Chairman Peter Charleton asked him if he could remember a single reaction from a journalist when told the explosive information that the man who is a national hero is in fact a child abuser - to which Supt Taylor said no.