Sheeran's request to dismiss the lawsuit was thrown out

A US jury is to decide the outcome of a lawsuit involving British singer Ed Sheeran.

The lawsuit is accusing him of ripping off parts of the Marvin Gaye song 'Let's Get It On'.

District Judge Louis Stanton's ruled a jury should decide, after he rejected a request by Sheeran for the lawsuit to be dismissed.

He said there were "substantial similarities between several of the two works' musical elements".

27-year-old Sheeran denies copying the song in his piece 'Thinking Out Loud'.

His defence team's argued that 'Thinking Out Loud' is characterised by "sombre, melancholic tones, addressing long-lasting romantic love", while 'Let's Get It On' is a "sexual anthem".

But Judge Stanton said they could be viewed as having the same "aesthetic appeal".