Simon Harris says religion "will not determine health and social policy in our country any more"

The Health Minister has said religion "will not determine health and social policy" in Ireland any more.

Simon Harris was responding following remarks from the Bishop of Elphin about contraception.

In comments quoted by the Irish Times, Bishop Kevin Doran said the Catholic Church's Humanae Vitae principles from 1968 - which restricted almost all artificial contraception - "need to be presented in a fresh way".

Speaking at an event in Dublin, Bishop Doran argued: "It may seem to some that contraception has liberated women insofar as it allows them to take control of their own fertility.

"But the fact that they are less likely to become pregnant also takes away from women one of the principle motives or freedoms for saying no to unwanted sex."

He suggested there is a "very direct connection between the contraceptive mentality" and support for same-sex marriage.

Bishop Doran also insisted there is "undoubtedly a place in schools" for the Church's teachings on human sexuality.

In a tweet, Minister Harris responded to the remarks - saying "please just make it stop!"