Scenes at Stansted Airport described as 'a mess'

Weather-related issues have caused big travel problems - as people try to leave the UK for summer breaks.

Stansted's among airports facing delays and cancelations to flights - after thunderstorms.

P and O ferries is warning of lengthy hold ups at Dover.

And Eurotunnel's facing a third day of disruption at Folkestone - due to air conditioning issues.

Passengers have described chaotic scenes at Stansted Airport.

It follows restrictions put in place by air traffic control - due to thunderstorms.

Aaron Barriscale from Limerick was meant to fly to Venice from there this morning - but couldn't;

"Not a single member of staff was there to direct people where to go, to explain the situation, to maybe explain why there were such delays.

It was quite chaotic to be honest and everybody was getting angry. You had small children you had elderly people, you had people in wheelchairs all trying to cram in the same direction. It was just a mess."

 Ryanair released the following statement to address the problems at Stansted last night: