The dog was found following a complaint made to the ISPCA

A man's been convicted of causing unnecessary suffering to an animal and fined €1,000 at Naas District Court.

The case related to a terrier dog who was removed by the ISPCA from a property at Kilraney, Carbury in Co Kildare on February 26th 2016.

48-year-old Mark McEvoy, of Carbury in Co Kildare, was convicted on Monday March 5th.

ISPCA Inspector Mary Claire Casement described how she responded to a complaint made to the ISPCA’s National Animal Cruelty Helpline.

She said she found the aged terrier in an emaciated condition with large mammary tumours, bad teeth and poor skin.

Image: ISPCA

She seized the dog and brought it to a veterinary practitioner - where it was euthanised on humane grounds.

Mr McEvoy subsequently agreed that he was responsible for the dog.

In court, the defendant contested the charges - claiming the dogs were owned by his uncle who was in hospital. and that he was not in control of the dog but merely feeding it.

Image: ISPCA

But, when asked by Judge Desmond Zaidan, Mr McEvoy conceded that he was aware that the dog was in poor health from "around Christmas", approximately two months prior to its removal.

He was convicted on two offences and acquitted on two further counts.

Judge Zaidan imposed a fine of €500 on each count, and ordered Mr McEvoy to pay €1,500 in state costs and €584 ISPCA expenses.