His barrister told the court his client was overcome with remorse for what happened

A man who was told he shouldn’t be driving due to an eye condition will be sentenced next week for knocking down and killing a woman in Dublin.

David Byrne of Castlemartin Lodge in Kilcullen, Co Kildare was found guilty of dangerous driving causing the death of Patricia Dunne in October 2015.

70-year-old Patricia Dunne died after being thrown into the air when a car being driven by Mr Byrne hit her as she was crossing a road in Dublin 5.

In his victim impact statement, her son John said her sudden loss caused the family untold grief, and they believed it contributed to their father’s death.

He said they’d never forgive Byrne for what he did.

The 42-year-old suffers from Usher Syndrome Type 2, a medical condition that affects a person’s ability to see objects and movement outside their direct line of vision.

In 1997, the court heard he was told he shouldn’t be driving, but he continued to do so regardless.

Byrne’s barrister Michael O’Higgins said his client was overcome with remorse for his actions, and asked Judge Patricia Ryan to be as lenient as possible.

She said she had a lot to consider so adjourned sentencing until next Friday.