While 9% don't have any wellies!

A third of millennials won’t go to the National Ploughing Championships because they fear the smell of cow dung.

Over 300,000 visitors are expected to attend the Europe’s largest outdoor event when it kicks off tomorrow.

But a new survey from Lottoland shows that one in three adults, aged 18-24, refuse to attend the agricultural event of the year because of the smells onsite.

According to the poll, 74 per cent of those surveyed said they had never been to the Ploughing Championships.

Here are some of the other reasons millennials won't attend:

  • 23% - Have no interest in what goes on in the country
  • 19% - It's too mucky
  • 15% - Don't want to meet TDs and Ministers that jump on the bandwagon
  • 15% - Cant stand the smell of cow dung
  • 12% - Don't want to listen to Richie Kavanagh and country music
  • 10% - No interest
  • 9%  - Don't have wellies
  • 6% - Never got around to it
  • 6% - Don't understand country accents
  • 5% - Can't get off work
  • 3%  - Too far away
  • 1% - Too crowded