Casey's comments about the travelling community have been condemned by politicians

Presidential hopeful Peter Casey has visited the six unoccupied houses at the centre of a dispute between Tipperary county council and Traveller families.

He ''s facing mounting calls to withdraw from the race for the Aras following recent comments where he said "Travellers are “basically people camping in someone else’s land”.

The site in Tipperary has reared controversy after six families refused to move into the €1.7m development, because of a dispute over their horses with the County Council.

Protests were expected to coincide with Peter Casey's visit, but no demonstration ended up taking place during his brief visit.

However around a dozen protestors arrived shortly after Casey left.

Casey hit out at traveller representative group Pavee Point while in Tipperary saying "Pavee Point leadership needs to come here and needs to explain to the travelling community that they're not doing justice to the travelling community. I really thought Martin Collins would be here - it's one of the reasons i came down. This is just wrong."