The number of homeless people reached 9,891 in July

Homeless groups have said Minister Eoghan Murphy's housing plan has failed.

It comes as the number of homeless people in Ireland reached 9,891 in July - 19 more homeless people than there were in June.

The figures represents a decrease of 24 adults and an increase of 43 dependents.

Anthony Flynn, the CEO of Inner City Helping Homeless, said it's going to get worse.

He argued: "The Minister's five-year-plan has failed - his plan for 2020 Ireland has already failed; Rebuilding Ireland has already failed.

"The responses are just not good enough - we're not seeing actual on the ground responses from the Department or the Minister in tackling homelessness in any way, shape or form."

Meanwhile, a motion of no confidence in the Housing Minister will be considered by Sinn Féin early next week.

The party has threatened it before - without following through.

Sinn Féin TD David Cullinane says they're still considering a no confidence vote in Minister Eoghan Murphy:

"I want the entire government gone this isn't about any individual minister because we've had that before. We can change minister and have some different Fine Gael Minister come in, it's not going to make any difference. I don't have confidence in a whole range of ministers in this government and what I want to see is the end of this government."