The woman claims she was raped by two men

The driver of a tour bus where a woman claims she was raped has told a court the bus was shaking about as if there was a disco going on upstairs.

The bus was hired as part of a Jason Derulo tour that visited Cork in June 2014.

The woman claims she was raped by two men on the upper deck of Jason Derulo’s tour bus. She was 19 at the time.

She told the jury she was invited on after attending an aftershow party for the American musician and his crew in the Savoy nightclub in Cork.

She claimed the first accused man slipped his hand inside her jumpsuit before blocking her from getting off and forcing her upstairs by the arm.

The driver Patrick Bushby said he noticed a girl wearing a jumpsuit sitting on a sofa in the lounge area speaking to this man.

He said she got off some time later and was making her way to another bus when he followed her out and seemed to say something to change her mind.

He said they came back onto the bus together and he said someone from within closed his cab door, cutting him off from the lounge area.

Both men deny charges of rape and false imprisonment. Mr Derulo is not facing any charges.