It follows meeting between Vicky Phelan and the Taoiseach

A retired High Court judge is starting work on finding alternative methods of compensating those affected by the Cervical Check scandal.

Charles Meenan's been asked by the government to suggest how such cases can be kept out of the courts.

Later today, Vicky Phelan is to meet with the Health Minister Simon Harris to discuss some of her concerns about the government's handling of the Cervical Check scandal.

It follows her meeting yesterday with Taoiseach Leo Varadkar.

Vicky Phelan said Leo Varadkar gave her assurances in relation to the State Claims Agency and mediation.

"The Taoiseach has promised me he meant what he said - the State is going to endeavour to settle all cases through mediation.

"Where mediation doesn't work and labs are contesting, an alternative dispute resolution mechanism will be sculpted out."

"Judge Meenan has been approached and will work on an alternative approach to what is currently happened in the case of Ruth Morrissey".