Vicky Phelan was wrongly informed she had the all clear

The Health Minister has announced a review of the Cervical Check programme following the results of a court case.

Terminally ill Vicky Phelan settled a case yesterday after being wrongly informed she had the all clear and after it taking 3 years for an audit of her test to be passed on to her.

Cervical Check is writing to doctors today to make sure they've told patients the results of the audits of their smear tests.

The Minister says in future women should be automatically told of any review of their checks.

Simon Harris also says the scheme needs to be reviewed.

"We need people to have absolute confidence in our screening programmes - and I have confidence in it: it is a progamme that saves lives.

"But it is a progamme that's 10-years-old this year and I think therefore it is appropriate that we would review it.

"I've asked the director-general of the HSE to review the operation of Cervical Check against best international practice".