Staff have threatened strike action if demands aren't met

Ryanair says its cabin crew have a bank holiday weekend every weekend.

It's responded to a list of demands from staff on pay, annual leave and pensions, which they submitted to management earlier today.

Ryanair has branded the list of demands as "pointless".

The airline says cabin crew earn more than double the Living Wage, are entitled to sick pay, and receive paid and unpaid leave.

Ryanair says it is already in talks with unions to negotiate the issues raised today.

But Cabin Crew say unless the demands are met they could follow pilots and engage in industrial action.

This campaign represents around 8,000 workers – and comes under the banner Cabin Crew United.

It will be up to each union in each country to decide if they’ll engage in industrial action or not if their demands aren’t met.

However, union official Oliver Richardson isn’t ruling it out, saying: "We are a federation. We don't call strike action... strike action is called by our affiliates.

"As a federation, would we support as best as we could those affiliates in taking that action? Of course we would."

This charter of demands will now be given to Ryanair bosses while passengers wait to see if their travel plans could be affected.